Dr. Petr Kovaříček

I have graduate from medicinal chemistry at UCT Prague in 2005. During my Masters I have spent two months in the laboratory of prof. M.-W. Hosseini in Strasbourg, France thanks to the Barrande fellowship (back then called BGF), which convinced me that I want to do Ph.D. abroad. I have been accepted to the lab of prof. Jean-Marie Lehn, the Nobel prize in chemistry 1987, and I have spent four fantastic years in Strasbourg focusing on dynamic covalent chemistry. For post-doc I have jumped into photochemistry and joined the lab of prof. Stefan Hecht at Humboldt University Berlin. Since 2015 I have returned to Czechia and for five years, I have been working on graphene at the Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry CAS. Since 2021 I run the group of Dynamic Systems Chemistry at the dpt. of Organic Chemistry of UCT Prague.

I believe that leadership is about inspiration, lab work is about team work and the team is about diversity, open-mindedness and fairness.