Newsletter Sept-Dec 2023

Dear visitors, it is already time for the last newsletter of 2023 and the whole group joins me in wishing you a Merry Christmas and happy festivities. This period has been characterised by our participation in conferences and we also welcome new people!

The entire group travelled to Špindlerův Mlýn (CZ) for the 57th Conference on Advances in Organic, Bioorganic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Liblice 2023). Valentino, Rimeh and I had the opportunity to present our work through oral communications. Petr also presented the whole group and our field of research as an invited speaker. Rita, Anna H., Martin, Anna N. and Harry presented their work with posters. At the end of the event, Anna N. was honoured with the “Best Poster” award!

An usual event for UCT Prague is the Scientific Student Conference (SVK), where students from individual laboratories can present their work to committees. This year Anna N. won first place!

Anna H. gave a speech about her work for the MSCA Fellows Conference to present her work and talk about her experience.

In September, we welcomed two new Bachelor students, Vladimír Krucký and Oleksandr Detsyk. Two high school students, Aneta Hodíková and Roman Bodínský, have also joined our group! Rimeh is leaving us for new horizons and experiences. The group wishes her all the best for the future!

This concludes the late newsletter Sept-Dec 2023 ! The next newsletter will be the first of 2024 !


The end of this year has been marked by a tragic event at Charles University. As an university, students, academics, but also individually, we are deeply saddened and would like to express our condolences to the families of the victims and our full support to our colleagues, friends and people affected by this tragedy. Violence is often used as a shortcut for people who favour the easiest route… But remember that we grow from the difficulties… and improve. The real strength lies in staying on the right path, even when you might abandon it.

“Strength and violence are solitary gods. They give nothing to the memory.”

Albert Camus

Author: M.Sc Killiann Heinz, Ph.D Student

I'm a French M.Sc graduated student in molecular chemistry, specialized into organic synthesis, coordination chemistry and supramolecular chemistry. I joined Dr. Kovaricek group in September 2022 to do my Ph.D studies.

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