Newsletter Jan-Mar 2024

Hello readers,

End of March is almost there and it is time for our regular newsletter ! As usual, January-March period is calm, and time is mostly spent to lab work, courses for students, teaching for professors and administration work. In additon, the group is also planning the future targeted conferences to communicate about our work.

From January to March, we welcomed two French Erasmus interns, Léa and Corentin from the universitarian technical institute of Rennes. They respectively worked on organo-perovskites film for water electro-splitting and photoswitches applied to organo-catalysis. The whole group wishes the best for them for the future and hopes they enjoyed their stay with us !

The traditional Christmas/New Year Eve group dinner took place in January. A social moment where we can discuss about something else than chemistry, and forget a bit the pressure and deadlines.

A very good news, Martin, Anna H. and myself succeded to obtain one more year the internal UCT grant VIGA2024. This financial support will allow us to cover some research costs for our projects.

We are welcoming a new Bachelor student, Hannah B. and a new Erasmus intern, Sergio Barros ! Wish them luck and fructful results !

Concerning conferences, Anna H. is going to Berlin in April for the Inspireurope Stakeholder Forum. I will attend the the Photocat24, at the university of Padova (Italy) in June and introduce my work at the ISNA24 (Canada) in August.

That is the conslusion of the this newsletter, wishing you the best, and see you in June for the next newsletter !

Author: M.Sc Killiann Heinz, Ph.D Student

I'm a French M.Sc graduated student in molecular chemistry, specialized into organic synthesis, coordination chemistry and supramolecular chemistry. I joined Dr. Kovaricek group in September 2022 to do my Ph.D studies.

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