What’s new ?

Newsletter Feb-May 2023

Hello, and welcome to this second newsletter, where we are sharing our fresh news ! Already three months passed since our last post, and it is time to update !

We have been able to enjoy our postponed Christmas meeting ! Priviledged moment to discuss about something else than chemistry or, at least, without Powerpoint presentations.

Petr went to the University Palackého v Olomouci, to give a lecture about our research theme : Dynamic systems in chemistry. You can find the complete talk on Youtube here (in Czech).

Between February and March, it is also the time for welcoming new Erasmus interns from around the world. We are currently hosting 3 of them : Arda, from Turkey, for 6 months, Théo and Mélissa both from France, for 3 months. We wish them the best for their experiments !

These 3 months were also a good period for financial supports : Anna H. succeeded in Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (UA) call and received a grant to continue her work with us 2 years more, Harry is in the process of obtaining the OP JAK grant for post-doc research. Anna H., Martin and I also got our intra-Uni Doctoral Grant (IGA) to support our work !

We also welcome two new members : Marek (BSc 2) who will continue with DAOF catalysis topic and Jakub, engineering student who will help us to optimize the software part of our spetroscopy table. Welcome !

Congratulation to Karolina who has been graduated ! Always a pleasure to see a successful student and also always sad to say goodbye… Hopefully she is not going too far and she will even come back from time to time ! Best wishes for your next adventures Ing. Kája !

That’s all for the this time ! See you in 3 months for the next adventures of the PKLab !

Newsletter Sept-Jan 2022-2023

We are proud to publish the first newsletter of the “Dynamic Systems Chemistry” group’s website! The group is now entirely constituted and manages to reach the cruise speed.

Experientia fundation visit took place the 13th of September. This meeting with Mrs. and Mr. Dvořákovi signed the official take-off of our research.

The SVK conference was the opportunity to show off our student’s works : Anna Nožičková introduced photoswitchable organic frustrated Lewis pairs, Karolína Křížová talked about photocatalysis with covalently dynamic deazaoxaflavins while Margarita Faizulina presented the controlled and spatially resolved functionalization of microscopic glass slides.

In addition, Martin went to the 56th Advances in Organic, Bioorganic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry to give a talk about unique properties of thiophene-based acylhydrazones.

We have more space ! The new lab, room n°251 is achieved and our equipment, including AFM, vacuum deposition chamber and microscope has already moved. It will be used as spectroscopy, photochemistry and characterization laboratory.

In November, I had the opportunity to go to Zürich university, in the Prof. Juricek’s group to learn and improve skills about synthesis of triangulenes, compounds used in our lab. Thanks for their warm welcome and to Leoš, for his precious help !

This first newsletter is a good timing to wish you all the best for new year, from the whole DSC team, and see you for the next news!