M.Sc Killiann Heinz

I’m graduated from Université de Rennes 1 with a Technician degree (Analytic and synthetis chemistry), Bachelor of chemistry and a Master in Molecular chemistry. I had international experiences, such as internships at UCT of Prague (2019), at Université de Strasbourg (2021) and Chemical Sciences Institute of Rennes (2022) including 1 month stay at Stuttgart Universität. I joined Dr. Kovaricek’s group in September 2022.

I have worked on various topics : New reagents for Mitsunobu reaction, the synthesis and coordination of flavine derivative salts and the synthesis and characterization of hybrid liquid crystals. I have also worked as chemist consultant/triage operator for Triadis Services (Séché environnement).

I’m specialized into organic synthesis, supramolecular chemistry and coordination chemistry.